WeHero Perks

WeHero Perks powers corporate engagements of employees and/or customers through socially impactful company perks.

The New ERA of Perks for GOOD

The data is in. People want to buy from and work for companies that give back. What if giving back to your community and engaging your employees/members could go hand in hand? With WeHero Perks, they can.

How we deliver the PERKS

Home Volunteer Experiences

With WeHero’s home volunteer kits, you can have high-impact volunteer experiences delivered to members, customers, or employees. Choose from over 15 different program options to support the causes your team or customers really care about. Your audience can plant trees, provide students with school supplies, and much more all from the comfort of home.
wehero perks home volunteer


Offer personal carbon offsetting to your customers, members, or employees to help them live a more environmentally friendly life. CarbonHero offsets emissions for your audience and shares the stories of the projects being supported. See how much carbon you can offset today!
carbonhero wehero perks

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