Packs of Love




We're providing PAX*3 mothers with essential supplies for them and their babies

About the cause: Located right outside of Philadelphia, Chester County is one of the wealthiest in the state, but many local children are at risk of serious health problems such as being born too small (under 5.5 pounds) or too early (before 37 weeks). According to recent research, the average medical costs for a preterm baby ($49,033) were more than 10 times higher than for a healthy full-term baby ($4,551) from birth to first birthday.

In 1991, the Maternal and Child Health Consortium of Chester County (MCHC) was created to ensure that all pregnant and parenting women in Chester County have access to high-quality health care regardless of race, language, insurance status, or immigration status. MCHC’s Healthy Start services (in Spanish and English) target the risk factors that stand in the way of a healthy baby during a woman’s pregnancy and in her child’s earliest years to ensure a healthy family.

About the event: The Packs of Love Project is a WeHero Volunteer Event delivering baby bundles to these mothers enrolled in Healthy Start. These kits are designed to support both mother and baby with the essentials supplies needed. You’ll be adding your own touch and message to each kit you create and leaving letters of encouragement.

Join us for this virtual event as we learn about the Healthy Start program and connect over a fun activity at home. Let’s supply some baby bundles!



Individuals provide $20 in aid every 8 days on average just by surfing the web.

Raise relief support with every browser tab you open in Chrome, Firefox, or Microsoft Edge!

HeroTab transforms your “new tab” page. Each time you open a tab, you will be greeted with a new image, the amount raised, and a couple of banner ads. We collect ad revenue from the page and use it to donate to the causes you are supporting!

The best part, you see the actual amount of relief you provided!

If you are interested in using HeroTab, please download and use the extension on a personal browser outside of Citrix. HeroTab is currently only supported by Google Chrome, Firefox, and Microsoft Edge.

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Offsetting your carbon takes less than 2 minutes

CarbonHero was created to make living a net-zero life easy and accessible for all!

Our mission has always been to remove the friction for companies and individuals so they can give back to worthwhile causes without any hassle. We immediately recognized the need for a solution that easily calculated our carbon footprint and allowed us to offset it on an ongoing basis.

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Offering support to mothers and babies every day

MCHC’s mission is to empower families to build a healthier and brighter future for their children by overcoming the social and environmental barriers that lead to poor health conditions in our communities.

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Be a Waste Warrior

We build our volunteer events to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Whether it is offsetting the carbon emissions of the shipping process, using recycled cardboard for the boxes, or relying on algae-based dyes, we’ve made conscious steps to ensure we’re doing right for our world.

However, it’s impossible for us to completely eliminate waste products from the experience. To ensure we limit the impact of these materials, we ask that all participants properly recycle and dispose of the materials they receive.

Recycling is hard so we made this resource list to make it easier!

Recycling Resources

  • State by State Recycling Guidelines

    Want to find local recycling locations? Visit BeRecycled to find your local recycling options. If you’re looking for additional information about your state and local recycling regulations, use this page to get quick access to your state’s information!

  • Use Recycle Nation

    RecycleNation is the easiest and fastest way to find locations to recycle around the country. You can enter the exact items you wish to recycle and your zip code and it will show you drop-off locations!

    They also have an app you can download for your smartphone!

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