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We're providing children with story time videos

About the cause:  The digital divide is the gap between parts of the world where access to technology is very different. Especially for kids, not having access to the internet can make a big difference in their education. Reading is a gateway skill that paves the pathway for future success. Without it, kids are simply less likely to graduate high school, find employment, or successfully avoid other hardships like poverty, homelessness, hunger, and injustice.

Let’s help some kids!


Keep it simple.

We don’t expect everyone to have a few thousand dollars worth of film equipment lying around. Thankfully, you can create authentic, engaging content with your smartphone! Here are a few tips/guidelines as you work to create your content:

  1. Length – Your videos will be viewed by age groups 4 – 8. We often recommend trying to have your video be 10 minutes or less to ensure your audience remains captivated.
  2. Individual or Team – Feel free to include your family, friends, or team members to make reading your story as fun as possible! It sometimes helps to have another person to read to or to hold the camera for you.
  3. Editing your video – Your videos do not need to be professionally edited, they may not even need to be edited! Your audience will appreciate the authenticity of you sharing this story with a video created at home. Free video editing software like iMovie or Windows Video Editor can get the job done. You likely also have video editing software on your phone as well!

Recommended Free Tools

Loom – Free video recording and editing software that can be used on your laptop or smartphone. Learn More


iMovie – Free video editing software that can be used on your laptop or smartphone for Apple devices. Learn More


Smart Phone Camera – The camera on your phone is likely better than any camera you own. We recommend keeping it simple and using your phone as much as possible!



Time to upload your content!

 You’ve finished your story time and you’re ready to submit. Nice work! Click the button below to begin your submission. Remember you can always reach out if you have questions!

Submit My Story Time


We're here to help!

Check out our FAQs below or get in touch with us anytime at! You can also ping Kai in the bottom right-hand corner of our website.

Can I be animated when I read the story?

Of course! These recordings will be going to children, so read the story as if you are reading to a 4-8 year-old. It’s always more fun to listen to a story if the person reading is having fun too!

What happens once I submit my video?

Our team reviews the content and then uploads it to a flash drive. Once we have everyone’s storytime, we will send the flash drives to the nonprofit!

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