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Packs of Inspiration

Learn about food insecurity in your community and put together healthy food packs with inspirational messages.

What is Packs of Inspiration?

About the cause: On a given night, approximately 552,830 people are experiencing homelessness. With your help, we can support food banks and shelters so vulnerable people in our communities are fed.

What we’ll do: The Packs of Inspiration Project is a WeHero Volunteer Event to create healthy meal and hygiene packages to be delivered to those experiencing homelessness. These packages are accompanied by cards giving you the opportunity to write notes of encouragement to the recipient. Alongside your kit, you’ll also receive education around the homeless population in major cities throughout the US and how you can help alleviate the problem.

How It Works

WeHero events are designed to be easy while maximizing impact.

1. Order Your Experience

Order your complimentary volunteer experience using your Thrivent coupon code thrive4372!

2. We Box It Up

We’ll ship the volunteer experience directly to your doorstep for free as well as include the pre-paid return label to get the completed packs to the nonprofit.

3. Complete Your Experience

Watch the recorded session, learn about the cause, and complete the experience before August 31st – it only takes about an hour!

4. Send It Back

Using the provided pre-paid label, send the completed packs back. Then receive your impact report with details on the actual impact you created!

What does your experience come with?

  • Self-Guided Event
    We provide detailed videos and instructions to have the perfect volunteer experience!
  • Food and Hygiene Supplies
    Each event contains supplies needed for homeless individuals and families identified by the local shelters. These supplies are very specific and are sourced in relation to what the shelters need in your community. Organic granola bars, bamboo toothbrushes, hand sanitizer, and much more are all packed into the kits!
  • Sharpies
    There is an art component to this event. All of the food and hygiene supplies go into canvas bags. Draw on the bags and make these kits something truly special for the recipient.
  • Pre-paid Shipping Labels
    Shipping is easy! Attach the pre-paid shipping labels and USPS will pick your package up at a day and time that works best for you.
  • Impact Report
    There’s more to this experience than meets the eye. We send a thank you email with details on the impact you created!

You have a will. We have a way.

Thrivent Packs of Inspiration


This box includes:

  • Two Jerky Sticks
  • Two Packs of Needed Snacks
  • Two Organic Cotton Drawstring Bags
  • Four Fruit Leathers
  • Two Raisin Boxes
  • Four Wipes
  • Two Granola Bars
  • Two Tubes of Toothpaste
  • Two Fig Bars
  • Two Bamboo Toothbrushes
  • Three Sharpies
  • Two Pieces of Letter Stationery
  • Two Floss Packs
  • Pre-paid Return Label for Donation

The WeHero processing time is up to 10 days and shipping time varies by location. This experience will last for an estimated 60-90 minutes.



Is shipping free?

Yes! Shipping is 100% free.

If I order now do I have to complete the experience right away?

Please complete the experience and drop it off by August 31, 2021.

Where do my completed packs go?

We’re constantly shifting the organizations we support so that your packs will be delivered to the shelters that are in the greatest need. If you’d like to know exactly where your kits will go you can reach out to us!

Can I add my own items?

You may! The items must be new and should fit in the box. Please leave the items outside of the bags.

How do I deliver my completed packs to the nonprofit?

Your box will come with a pre-paid shipping label. Simply attach that label over the original label and use the provided link to schedule your pick-up at a date and time that works best for you! You can also drop the box off at your local post office.

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