Local Lift

May 27th | 2 pm PST



Learn about the challenges faced by the real locals, Indigenous Americans

About the cause: Did you know that only 11% of Native Americans obtain Bachelor’s degrees? Our nonprofit partner, American Indigenous Business Leaders (AIBL), is focused on providing indigenous youth with the resources, support, and work experience necessary to improve this statistic. Native American communities face significant challenges – over 24% of their population lives in poverty and over 7% of their households lack clean drinking water. There’s a lot we need to help and AIBL gives American Indigenous youth the support they need to build initiatives to help solve problems within their community.

About the event: Local Lift supports the real locals – our Native Americans. We support strategies and plans built by these youth interns as they look to make a difference in their local community and the broader Native American community. Whether we’re providing food supplies, clean water access, or educational supplies for schools, each program is specialized to support the most essential causes for The American Indigenous Business Leaders. Their strategies and programs change every 1-2 months and we will constantly adjust our program to ensure we’re delivering the most impact.

Join us for this virtual event as we learn about the challenges faced by the real locals, Indigenous Americans, as you empower youth leaders from across the Native American community through making kits of needed supplies. Time to lift the locals!



Leave it to Native students to be ingenious, creative and thoughtful even during a pandemic

AIBL is the only American Indigenous non-profit organization solely dedicated to empowering business students in the United States. Thier programs are designed to engage students in activities that stimulate, enhance, and expand educational experiences beyond traditional academic methods.

The mission of AIBL is to increase the representation of American Indians and Alaska Natives in business and entrepreneurial ventures through education and leadership development opportunities.

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