Goats... it's weird, we know, but just keep reading...

How many goats will WeHero donate today?

For every 10 shares our post on social gets for Giving Tuesday, WeHero will donate a goat.

For every 10 users that install the WeHero Browser Extension and support the Heifer Foundation, WeHero will donate another goat.

Why goats? Goats are incredible animals and struck one of our co-founder’s curiosity in two really interesting areas: women’s empowerment, and education. We dug in, and the end result is that goats can make a massive impact! This campaign, is to raise awareness and too donate as many goats as possible to the families that truly need them.

Please share so that we can make the greatest impact possible! Thank you so much for your help and if this peaked your curiosity, make sure to read the full story.

Share on social to make an impact!

You can find our post on LinkedIn! For every 10 shares the WeHero post gets on LinkedIn or other social channels, WeHero will donate a goat. Additionally you can share this webpage and tag WeHero!

Donate your web browsing to the Heifer Foundation.

Raise money for goats with every browser tab you open in Chrome or Firefox!

The WeHero extension transforms your “new tab” page. Each time you open a tab, you will be greeted with a new image, the amount raised, and a couple banner ads. We collect ad revenue from the page and use it to donate to the causes you are supporting!

You can raise thousands of dollars for charity just by surfing the web.

Read the full article on the power of goats!

Is your curiosity peaked on how goats impact women’s empowerment and education? Read the full story!