Period Power


12:00 pm CST



We're providing period supplies to 100 people

About the cause: Many are aware of the impact on young people in the developing world as they are often forced to miss school during their periods. What many people don’t realize is that this is a problem in the United States as well!

Two-thirds of those in poverty who menstruate did not have the resources to buy menstrual hygiene products at some point during the last year. One-fifth of those in poverty struggle to afford period products on a monthly basis. Without these items, movements and ambitions are stunted. They may not feel able to leave their homes, go to work, or participate in civic life.

We can’t afford to wait for others to act. We can be part of the solution.

What we’ll do: Period Kits and WeHero are enabling companies to provide hygiene supplies for those in need one corporate volunteer event at a time.

After hearing an educational keynote about the real need for period supplies in the United States, we’ll put together kits for people who are struggling to decide whether to buy food or tampons.

Join us for this virtual event as we learn and volunteer over a fun activity at home, in-office, or at a venue of your choice. Let’s provide some period kits!



Over 3,000 people provided with period supplies

In 2018, Ashley Bierne had a goal – creating 300 period supply kits for her birthday. Ashley was horrified at hearing of people prioritizing food over basic hygienic necessities. So, with a vision in mind and a desire to help her community, she recruited friends to help and Period Kits was born.

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Be a Waste Warrior

We build our volunteer events to be as environmentally friendly as possible. Whether it is offsetting the carbon emissions of the shipping process, using recycled cardboard for the boxes, or relying on algae-based dyes, we’ve made conscious steps to ensure we’re doing right for our world.

However, it’s impossible for us to completely eliminate waste products from the experience. To ensure we limit the impact of these materials, we ask that all participants properly recycle and dispose of the materials they receive.

Recycling is hard so we made this resource list to make it easier!

Recycling Resources

  • State by State Recycling Guidelines

    Want to find local recycling locations? Visit BeRecycled to find your local recycling options. If you’re looking for additional information about your state and local recycling regulations, use this page to get quick access to your state’s information!

  • Use Recycle Nation

    RecycleNation is the easiest and fastest way to find locations to recycle around the country. You can enter the exact items you wish to recycle and your zip code and it will show you drop-off locations!

    They also have an app you can download for your smartphone!

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