Empowering children in education one backpack at a time!

First and foremost, thank you

Thank you. Your gift of time today will impact the lives of children that are excited to have education in their lives, to chase dreams, and to work to make the world we share a better place.

Sixteen million kids in the United States come from families struggling with extreme poverty. If these students are lucky enough to attend school, they often don’t have the resources to purchase the necessary school supplies. WeHero, alongside our corporate and non-profit partners, are aggressively trying to resolve this issue. We are sourcing the necessary supplies to make these students successful in the classroom and to create equal opportunities for those underserved.

You are now part of this movement so thank you!

The Experience – This event delivers support in two key areas:

Partnering with school districts and local government agencies to ensure that the fifteen million children who rely on schools for access to educational materials have supplies outside of the classroom.
Generating awareness around gaps in education and how education is one of the most important factors for creating social equality.

Today, you’ll be putting together education access kits for students. The supplies you are providing are difficult to procure in the areas where these kits will be going, or are unaffordable for families. The kits are designed to be fun and to inspire the kids to want to go and stay in school. You’ll be adding your own touch and message to each kit you’ll produce, drawing fun pictures on the bags, and leaving the kids letters of encouragement. The most powerful aspect of these kits, are the drawings on the bags and the letters you leave them. These notes inspire children by showing them that someone in their local community or across the globe, thought of them, and gave them a very special kit to go to school.


We work to keep things as simple as possible. If you have any questions, please get in touch with your event coordinator or reach out to “Kai” (WeHero Super Dog) in the lower-right corner of this page. 

Your Agenda

Welcome To Education Access (5 Minutes)
Video - The Importance of Education and School Supplies (15 Minutes)
Activity - Decorating and Packing the Bags (20 Minutes)
Video - Thank You and What's Next (5 Minutes)
Resource - How To Continue Supporting (5 Minutes)

Chapter 1

Welcome To Education Access


Completion Time | 5 Minutes

Chapter 2

The Importance of Education and School Supplies


Completion Time | 15 Minutes

Chapter 3

Decorating and Packing the Bags


Completion Time | 20 Minutes

Chapter 4

Thank You and What's Next


Completion Time | 5 Minutes

Preparing your backpack!

  • Step 1: Time to decorate the bag

    Kids have a tough time staying in school. Inspire them! Make the bags fun with the sharpies we’ve included for you. Pictures, quotes, your signature – they’re all welcome on the bag. This makes each kit different and special. We can’t wait to see what you create!
    Note: Sharpies and other art items will bleed through the drawstring bag so we recommend putting a couple of sheets of paper inside the bag to prevent any mess. 

  • Step 2: Add all the items to each bag

    The inventory list below states each item that needs to go into the bag. The sharpies are yours to keep and don’t need to go into the bags.

    Item Number/bag
    Notebook 1
    Zipper kit of supplies (glue sticks, highlighters, pencils, pens, rulers, erasers, pencil sharpener, crayons, scissors, etc.) 1
    Letter  1
  • Step 3: Letter writing

    One of the most important touches to the kits. The children who will receive these kits may not have the support needed to stay in school and without that, it’s easy to give up. Inspire them. Use the WeHero notepaper to write them a short letter. Encourage them to study and keep working to achieve their dreams. It’s very impactful to see that someone is thinking of them.

  • Step 4: Re-box and apply the shipping label

    Using the original box everything came in, add the completed kits and reseal. Attach the prepaid shipping label and schedule your USPS pickup. You can also drop your box off at your local post office. To schedule your pickup, simply use the following link and follow the steps:

    Note: If the system asks for weight, you can enter 6 pounds and the shipping provider will update the weight automatically.

  • Step 5: Photo time!

    Take a photo of yourself with your completed kits and share the experience with your friends and family. This is an opportunity to spread awareness and share the act of kindness. Be sure to tag WeHero when you post on social media!

You've successfully completed your Education Packs!

Nice work! Now what?

We’d love your thoughts!

Have 32 seconds? We always want to make these experiences better and would love your feedback.

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