Art for Social Equality

Learn about social justice movements and paint with a nationally acclaimed artist.

What is Art for Social Equality?

About the cause: Art for Social Equality is a program designed to serve as a connection point to educate our communities on the intersection of art, culture, and politics. Through artistic expression and engagement, we will empower our communities, change the landscape, and inspire new realities.

About the event: All participants will receive their own personal art supply kit delivered directly to their doorstep.

The event will start with an introduction of the non-profits we’re supporting and how art plays a massive role. We will then shift gears and watch our art instructor as he or she teaches us how to create art that provides a message and has meaning.

You can keep your completed art and your kit! We encourage everyone to submit photos of their art so we can share them with National CARES (a non-profit serving youth of color through mentorship) to support their mission.

*We also have options to exclude the art kit with participants providing their own supplies.

How It Works

WeHero events are designed to be easy while maximizing impact.

1. How Many Employees?

Select how many employees you would like to have participate in the Art for Social Equality event.

2. Event Preparation

After placing your order, your dedicated event manager reaches out to introduce themselves and confirm the timing and details of the experience.

3. We Box It Up

Working with our non-profit partners we source all the necessary materials and activities, add easy-to-follow instructions, box it up, and ship it to your employees’ homes or a venue of your choice.

4. Have Your Event

We host a live event via Zoom or a preferred web conferencing system. Don’t worry, it’s easy and our team is always available for support.

5. Share the art

Share the art with our team so we can send it to National CARES. Once the event is over, we send a thank you email to your team detailing the impact as well as ways to continue supporting the cause.

What does your event come with?

  • Dedicated Event Coordinator
    After booking your event, you are assigned a WeHero event coordinator to support you with all items related to your event. We’re here to make sure your event is perfect!
  • Live Event
    We host a live event with a nationally acclaimed artist for your team and provide detailed instructions to have the perfect event!
  • Art supplies
    We send each employee a set of art supplies in a wood case. The art instructor will have the same supplies and we hope that people continue to use their art kits after the event.
  • Impact Report
    There’s more to this experience than meets the eye. We send a thank you email with details on the impact your team created!
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You have a will. We have a way.

Pricing is all-inclusive. No hidden or additional fees. Includes all planning, materials, shipping, and logistics.

Home Delivery: $85.00 / employee

Office/Venue Delivery: $75.00 / employee

Hybrid Event: Contact Us 

*Pricing subject to change

Fill out the form below to learn more about the experiences, and have your questions answered. Feel free to also check out our FAQ!


Am I able to call or email WeHero leading up to the event?

Yes! Our team is here and available to make sure your event is awesome. You’ll find we touch base regularly to make sure all goes smoothly.

Can a WeHero event work for a large group of employees?

Absolutely. These events can scale with the size of your group.

How do I go about getting budget for something like this?

We’re here to support you. Give our blog a read for tips on how to get budget here or reach out and our team would be more than happy to help you.

Do I need to handle any of the shipping and is it an extra cost?

There is no additional charge for shipping. WeHero handles all of the shipping including having USPS pick up the completed kits from your employees’ home or office when your event is complete.

Not ready to work with WeHero? We can still help!

Read our 5 tips for hosting a successful volunteer event. Making a social impact should be easy, and we want you to succeed which is exactly why we created this guide!

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