Art For Social Equality

Join on: April 27th – 4:00 PM PST
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We're sending hundreds of messages through art

About the cause: Art For Social Equality is a program designed to serve as a connection point to educate our communities on the intersection of art, culture, and politics. Through artistic expression and engagement, we will empower our communities, change the landscape, and inspire new realities.

About the experience: The event will start with a keynote as we seek to garner education around social justice movements and how we can create the greatest impact possible. We will then shift gears, grabbing the art supplies available to us in our homes (paper, pens, colored pencils, etc.) and watch our art instructor as he teaches us how to create art that provides a message and has meaning. During the session, we’ll be discussing recent social movements around Asian Hate, Black Lives Matter, and even Climate Justice and how art can be a powerful conduit. After the event, you can keep your completed art and follow the provided instructions to send it to National CARES to support their mission.

Join us for this virtual event and be part of the movement!

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Trained 140,000 mentors, operates in 58 cities, and has successfully supported over 200,000 children

National CARES is a pioneering community-galvanizing movement dedicated to alleviating intergenerational poverty among African Americans. It offers Black children in low-income families and unstable communities the social, emotional and academic support they need to unleash their potential and graduate from high school prepared to succeed in college or vocational training programs and 21st-century careers.

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