Skate Like A Girl

Join on: December 15th – 4:00 PM PST



We're building 30 skate boards to underserved girls

About the cause: Kids need skateboarding. Studies have consistently shown that kids are less likely to do drugs, more likely to stay in school, and have a growth mindset when skateboarding is introduced into their lives. Skate Like a Girl is working to empower young people, especially young women, to grow into strong, confident leaders who promote and implement social equity.

About the event: We’re building skateboards! First, we’ll hear from the founder of Skate Like a Girl and see the importance of skateboarding and community in children’s lives.

WeHero will provide and ship the materials and tools to build a skateboard from the ground up. Once your board is complete, give it your autograph and take a photo.

The boards will then be distributed to kids that truly need them to participate in Skate Like A Girl programming!

Join us for this virtual event and be part of the movement!



Supporting over 11,000 young skaters annually

Skate Like A Girl is on a mission to create an inclusive community by promoting confidence, leadership, and social justice through skateboarding. They value experiential learning and civic participation, by providing opportunities to be involved in the skateboarding community.

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